• Gross Capacity : 185 L
• Storage Capacity : 179L
• 5 Star Rating
• AG Clean
• Toughened Glass Shelves
• Bigger Vegetable Basket
• Great Bottle Storage Space
• Table Top
• R-600a Compressor – Eco+ Series
• Colour: Warm Copper




AG Clean

99.9% bacteria inside the refrigerator is inactivated by the AG Clean Filter which has silver ions that give powerful anti-bacterial effect. This helps in keeping your refrigerator bacteria & odor free.

Bigger Vegetable Basket

• 20 L vegetable basket
• 2.5 times bigger (As compared to Panasonic refrigerator NR-AH182), so that you can store bigger vegetables and fruits like cabbage, water melon etc.

Great bottle storage space

Bigger bottle storage space helps to keep approx. six 2L bottles both vertically and horizontally even after closing the door.

R-600a Compressor

R-600a refrigerant is CFC-Free so it is efficient and safe, and has minimal impact on the ozone layer and global warming.

Thicker insulation

Thicker insulation on the door prevents air leakage which retains coolness, this ensures healthier and fresher food. This thicker insulation also adds to the durability.

Bigger freezer for added fun

Ice, Chocolates, Dry fruits, Ice creams, Dairy products, Canned food items, Ginger, garlic paste etc. can be stored.

Pocket handle

Comes with the ease of pocket handle. Slide-in your fingers to get a firm grip to open the door

Clean back

Ensures safety, as all wires are covered with clean sheet.
Easy and safe to clean. This also looks aesthetically premium.

Table Top

Table top for better cleaning and great looks.