• Gross Capacity-342L
• Storage Capacity-282L
• Tempered Glass Shelf
• Vegetable Case (Center Position)
• AG Clean
• LED Lighting
• Adjustable Shelf
• Colour: Champagne





For convenient storage of heavy, space-consuming vegetables, the vegetable case is located in the center where items are easy to see and take out. Panasonic’s Vegerator is a completely new style of refrigerator.

• Easy to See - The frequently used vegetable case is right at waist height, so you can see all the way to the back.
• Easy to Get - You can reach the food inside while standing straight up. It&s easy to get even heavy or bulky foods in and out.
• Easy to Arrange - You can do everything in a natural posture, with no bending down. This makes it more efficient to use while cooking.

Maintenance Free LED

Maintenance Free LED Interior Light For Easier Access To Food


Ag filter cleans circulating air to powerfully inactivate bacteria and reduce odors.

Moisture-retaining Vegetable Case

• Indirect Cooling
• Airtight Structure

Tempered Glass Shelves

The strong, clean tempered glass shelves can withstand load up to 100Kg. So even heavy items can be stored on the top shelves.


Product Image
Gross Capacity-342L
Storage Capacity-282L
Twist Ice Maker