• Gross Capacity-602 L
• Storage Capacity-513 L
• Intelligent Eco Sensors
• Inverter Technology
• Vitamin Safe
• Tempered Glass Shelf
• Double Vegetable Case
• AG Clean
• Drawer Type Freezer
• LED Lighting
• Colour: Stainless steel





Daily life patterns over a period of three weeks are memorized and analyzed. ECONAVI then predict times when the refrigerator is often used and when it is not, and automatically adjusts the internal temperature to the optimum level for those times.

A refrigerator uses electricity 24 hours a day. Thats why improved energy savings is such an important issue. Instead of constantly cooling with the same power, switching to optimum cooling and maintaining the temperature inside the refrigerator when it is not being used should enable reasonable energy savings. ECONAVI is a function that determines by itself the times when there is chance to save energy, and automatically switches to power savings operation. Now there&s no need for troublesome setting changes. With this new function, anyone can save energy just by doing nothing.

Intelligent Inverter Technology

• Flexible 7-Level power adjustment for optimal cooling
• Energy Saving: Up to 40% less electricity consumption
• Quick Freezing: Preserved food flavor and nutrition
• Super Quiet Operation

Vitamin Safe

• Flashing LEDs protect vitamins

AG Clean

• Ag ions inactivate 99.9%* of bacteria and mould and also a stronger deodorizing effect

Moisture Vegetable Case

• Airtight structure to maintain temperature and high humidity
• Indirect cooling to prevent drying and damage

Drawer Type Freezer

• Items are clearly visible for easy access
• Neat and practical storage

Intelligent Control Panel

Front LED Lighting


Gross Capacity-602 L
Storage Capacity-513 L
Quick Ice Making