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Gross Capacity : 630 L
Intelligent Inverter Technology
Panasonic Cooling System
Hygiene Active
LED Tower Lighting




Energy Saving Technology

Further Advanced Inverter Technology

Panasonic has refined its Inverter technology even further. Thanks to a new large-capacity compressor, output is higher than ever. This enables finer control than before to realize even higher operation efficiency.

Panasonic Cooling System

Different foods require different temperatures and levels of humidity for optimum storage. Panasonic Cooling is an advanced system that uses an independent coolant flow for the refrigerator and freezer compartment to cool them separately. This means that with fine control, an optimum temperature and humidity can be maintained in each compartment to keep food fresh for longer. What's more, no unnecessary power is used so operation is extremely efficient.

Advantage of Panasonic Cooling System

Energy Saving
Only the minimum power necessary in used to cool the necessary compartments at the right time. No excessive power is wasted for efficient cooling.

High Cooling Power
Power can be concentrated on cooling just the freezer for fast, powerful freezing.

High Humidity Maintained
The frost on the refrigerator evaporator is constantly thawed, creating highly moist chilled air to maintain the ideal humidity for fruits and vegetables.

Keep Fresh Technology

Hygiene Active
Hygiene Active inactivates the bacteria floating inside the refrigerator. It features a silver-coated filter with powerful anti-bacterial properties that work together with blue LED lights to eliminate 99.9% bacteria and also removes odour with Deodorizing filter.

Wide, Spacious Freezer

• The compact design of storing Ice/Water container offers more storage space in the freezer compartment.
• The wide interior enables the storage of large & bulky foods
• Three separate drawer compartments keep the storage neat and tidy.

LED Tower Lighting

The inside is brightly illuminated with LED lighting from three directions at the front. There are no shadows, so items are easy to see and the colors of food look clear and attractive. LEDs light is energy efficient and maintenance free.

Refrigerator Cases with Various Temperature Settings

You can store different food items with the optimum temperature conditions to keep them fresh for long.
• Chilled case: 0°C /low humidity at conditions just above freezing, ideal for storing non-veg
• 2°C Compartment: 2°C humidity for storing leafy vegetables
• 5°C Compartment: Ideal for storing root vegetables and other items sensitive to low temperature.


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Gross Capacity : 630L
Storage Capacity : 561L
Hygiene Active


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