Visibility Design and U-shape soleplate




U-Shape steam
circulating soleplate

Steam from the 29 vents along the U-Shape groove is spread over the soleplate for the steaming rate 25%* higher than ever before. An even steam distribution softens the fabric and irons out the wrinkles. A fabulous finish is guaranteed.

*When compared to other conventional corded Panasonic irons.
Research by Panasonic Corporation.

Smooth Ironing

The unique shape of the soleplate prevents fabric from gathering, so ironing is easy and fun!

Longer Soleplate

The soleplate is 5%* longer, allowing you to finish your ironing faster*.

*When compared to other conventional corded Panasonic irons.
Research by Panasonic Corporation.

The Visibility Design
gives better view
while ironing

The raised heel rest allows for clear view while moving the iron in the reverse direction.
The new E-Series models are stylish and maneuverable.

Round-Ride (Curved Soleplate)

It allows you to iron a garment without the risk of fabric bunching up.
This makes your ironing smoother, quicker, and hassle-free.

Vertical Steam

With the push of a button, the vertical steam feature allows you to direct a burst of steam to hanging garments.

*NI-E500T only

Jet-of-Stream/Self Cleaning

A powerful burst of steam helps remove stubborn wrinkles.
This feature also helps clean the iron steam vents.
*NI-E500T only

Anti-Calcium System

Helps prevent clogged steam vents by reducing build-up in the vaporizing chamber of the iron.

Spray Mist

The pushbutton-controlled spray mist lets you direct extra moisture where needed.

Easy to Refill

A wide opening allows you to refill the water tank easily.

Easy to Grip

Ergonomically designed for comfort.

360° Swivel Cord

A rotating cord design to minimize its tangle during use.

Adjustable Steam

Three steam settings are selectable: “high” for heavier fabrics, “low” for touch-ups.

Steam or Dry Ironing

Use the steam/dry selector, and you can steam or dry iron simply.


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