• Washing Capacity: 7kg
• Aquabeat Technology
• Dancing Water Flow
• Ag Air Filter
• Foam Wash
• Shower Rinse
• 5 Programmed Courses
• 6 Water Level Settings









Ag Air Filter

Aquabeat Technology

Panasonic's next generation Aquabeat Technology uses the power of water flow to penetrate deep into fibres and beat out ingrained dirt. Working together with the innovative Foam Wash, this removes stubborn stains for fresh, clean washing every time. The result? Excellent washes and better savings both for water and power.

Fuzzy Logic

Foam Wash

Stainless Steel Tub

Shower Rinse

The Eco Aquabeat features the latest Shower Rinse technology that reduces the amount of water user during rinsing - the water cycle that uses the most water! With this, the Eco Aquabeat manages to be one of the most environmentally friendly washing machines!

5 Programmed Courses (Normal, Speedy, Deligate, Tub Hygiene, Extra Rinse)

Twin Lint Filter (Antibacterial)

Digital Display

Child Lock


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Washing Capacity: 7kg
Water Consumption(Normal Cycle) : 130L
2-24 hrs Delay Start


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