• Washing capacity : 14kg
• ECONAVI - Intelligent Eco Sensors
• Intelligent Inverter
• Gentle Hand Wash Mechanism
• 10 Programmed Courses
• 11 Water Level Settings
• Aquabeat and Foam Wash




Econavi Technology

Panasonic washing machines come with unique Intelligent Technology - the ECONAVI. It senses water temperature and wash load for optimum energy and water consumption. With wash time and water level adjusted accordingly, there is savings in energy and water usage, making it more eco-friendly.

Intelligent Inverter - Energy consumption is about half and no power is used during stand by

Panasonic introduces revolutionary washing performance that saves energy and saves you money, while maintaining exceptional cleaning power. Now with silent washing cycles, laundry has never been this easy.Advanced Inverter Control enable efficient operation and with Auto Power Off, there is no unnecessary power usage.

Gentle Hand Wash Mechanism

Now you can easily wash delicate items in the washing machine instead of washing them by hand or having them dry cleaned. Washing using the unique care net prevents damage to fabrics due to clothes being rubbed by the pulsator.

Aquabeat and Foam Wash

Panasonic&s next generation Aquabeat Technology uses the power of water flow to penetrate deep into fibres and beat out ingrained dirt. Working together with the innovative Foam Wash, this removes stubborn stains for fresh, clean washing every time. The result? Excellent washes and better savings both for water and power.

Dancing Water Flow

Effective cleaning power created through a unique rotating water flow system that combines strong and weak water flow. Strong water flow and squeezing effect can be generated through controlling the pulsator rotation speed.

Twin Anti Bacteria Lint Filter

Twin anti bacteria lint filter removes lint during washing to prevent them adhering to clothes for a cleaner finish.

Air Dry up to 90 minutes

High-speed spin and powerful air flow throughly blow off moisture to shorten drying time.

Auto Power Off

Panasonic washing machines come loaded with features that are designed to save your precious resources. Its unique Auto Power Off feature ensures that when the washing machine is in stand-by mode energy consumption is about half and power is not used during standby, turning off the power automatically once the washing programme is complete.

Selectable Soak Timer

Pre-soaking heavily soiled clothes ensures a better wash result. Choose the soak time depending on the condition of your laundry.

Delay Start up to 24 hrs

Washing start time can be delay by setting the time for the washing to finish. Setting can be up to 24 hours.

Child Lock

Safety buzzer warns you when the lid is open during operation.


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Washing capacity : 14kg
Water Consumption(Normal Cycle) : 180L
Energy Consumption : 115 (W/H)


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