NA-W72B2HRB/NA-W72B2RRB - 7.2 kg

NA-W72B2HRB/NA-W72B2RRB - 7.2 kg

NA-W72B2HRB/NA-W72B2RRB - 7.2 kg

• Double Action Pulsator
• Wash timer with soak
• Aqua Shower
• 3 Course Selection
• Buzzer
• Translucent lids
• Available in Grey/Red Color

NA-W72B2HRB/NA-W72B2RRB - 7.2 kg



Auto Soak

Auto soak function helps to loosen the dirt and stains from the cloth fibres and ensures clean clothes.

Wide Inlet

Wide inlet diameter to put big laundry items like blankets, beddings & curtains with ease.

User Friendly Panels

Whichever series you choose Panasonic design makes it easier for you to operate the washing machine with convenience.

Transparent / Translucent Wash Lids

Large transparent/translucent lids let you choose the machine which suits & match your style.

3 Course Selection

Depending on the soil and dirt choose the programme that suits your fabric from any of the 3 courses i.e. Strong, Regular & Gentle.

Magic Filter

Magic filter collects the debris and the dirt removed while washing and keeps the clothes lint-free.

Aqua Shower

For uniform cleaning a strong central water shower rinses clothes with greater efficiency & thereby giving you detergent-free clothes.

Anti Rust Body

Panasonic&s unique anti-rust body that makes the whole machine more durable and also eliminates the risk of electric shocks.

Double Action Pulsator

Double action pulsator helps in knocking out dirt & grime from every corner of the cloth through powerful water flow.

Wash timer with soak


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NA-W72B2HRB/NA-W72B2RRB - 7.2 kg
7.2 Kg Washing Capacity
4.5 Kg Spin Capacity
Dimensions (WxDxH)cm : 78.0x48.0x96.0


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