Appliances & HVAC Devices

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Appliance and HVAC Solutions
Panasonic Industrial Company offers a wide range of solutions to the HVAC and major appliance industries, from refrigeration and air conditioning compressors, to motors and capacitors, to new technology solutions that help manufacturers design the appliances of tomorrow.

Electric Motor Technologies
Panasonic Industrial Company also offers an extensive line-up of state-of-the-art motors for the Factory Automation and Appliance industries. Products range from servo and gear motors for almost any application, to brushless motors for residential split or large building air conditioners.
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Brushless DC Motors (BLDC or ECM motors)

Panasonic Brushless DC motors deliver outstanding energy efficiency to air conditioner, refrigeration and heating forced air solutions. Take your OEM products to the next level in energy efficiency with Panasonic brushless DC motors.

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CO2 compressors (R-744) – Very Low Global Warming Potential

Panasonic CO2 compressors are designed specifically to meet light commercial refrigeration and heat pump manufacturers earth friendly, alternative refrigerant requirements. Our proven 2-stage rotary CO2 compressors deliver high efficiency and reliability with low noise and low vibration.

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ENI and EFI Variable Speed Refrigeration Compressors

ENI and EFI variable speed compressors for North America are based on over ten years of development and manufacturing achievement. These low noise, space saving compressors substantially increase the energy efficiency of refrigerator and freezer solutions enabling OEMs to meet the ever increasing demands for lower energy and resource consumption.

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High Performance Vacuum Insulation Panels

Panasonic vacuum insulation panels are light weight, highly recyclable panels that deliver industry leading insulation performance and reliability. The slim panel design and low thermal conductivity enable OEMs to implement vacuum insulation panels into a growing number of products that require low energy loss from heat transfer.

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