R2 Unitary Compressors

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R2 Unitary compressors are rotary compressors designed for residential applications such as split system and package air conditioning units. The features that make Panasonic R2 compressors robust enough for everyday use in demanding environments include a simple design, premium materials, and improvements in the rotary technology. Technology improvements include:

  • a premium silicon steel motor to deliver higher efficiency,
  • a larger accumulator to hold higher amounts of refrigerant in applications with long line lengths,
  • a larger oil reservoir to allow for more oil and ensure compressor mechanicals lubrication,
  • for additional durability, a high-grade steel metallurgy piston, and a vane with a unique physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating.

The cooling capacity of these compressors range from ARI 9,915 to 14,620 btu/h (CHEER value 12,760 to 18,565 BTU/h).

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For more information, contact us at R2@us.panasonic.com

  • Residential split air conditioning systems
  • Package air conditioning units