CO2 (R-744) Compressors

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variable speed compressors

CO2 (R-744) rotary compressors from Panasonic are helping light commercial refrigeration and heat pump manufacturers migrate to environmentally friendly, natural refrigerants. The 15F series for North America offers the advantage of a high coefficient of performance (COP) while maintaining low noise and low vibration. These hermetic compressors are designed for low and medium temperature applications.

Mass production of our CO2 compressors began in 2001, giving Panasonic’s engineering staff many years of expertise working with CO2 refrigerants to help support OEM needs.

As consumers, manufacturers and governments work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and become more energy efficient, CO2 (R-744) refrigerant is gaining in acceptance and adoption as an alternative refrigerant in North America.

  • Residential and commercial heating and cooling applications
  • Residential heat pump clothes dryer
  • Residential heat pump water heater
  • Commercial heat pumps
  • Vending machines
  • Light commercial refrigerators & freezers
  • Large commercial refrigeration
  • Green Refrigerant – Very Low Global Warming Potential (GWP)
  • Vertical and horizontal models
  • Designed to withstand high pressures
  • North America:
    • Rated cooling capacity 0.3 to 1.4kW (1,000 to 4,750 btuh)
    • Single Speed (2-stage)
  • Global:
    • Rated cooling capacity 0.3 to 7.5kW (1,000 to 25,600 btuh)
    • Single Speed (2-stage) and Inverter
  • Light weight structure
  • VDE, CCC, UL/CSA certifications