Ceramic Capacitors

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Panasonic Electronic Components’ Surface Mount Ceramic Capacitors are used in applications including ballast circuits for L.E.D lighting, interference suppression, snubber circuits for switching power supplies and for the high voltage circuitry found in televisions and CRT displays.

EEH-ZA & EEH-ZC Series
NEW! ECK-THC Series Molded Surface Mount Ceramic Y1 Capacitors

Safety Requirement Approved
This new Series is for power supply applications, line-to-ground use and has a voltage rating of 250 VAC. It offers capacitance values of 100, 220 and 470 pF and capacitance tolerances of +/-10 or +/-20%. Flexible style terminations afford a greater measure of safety. ECK-THC Series capacitors are a unique industry offering.

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ECC-T3, ECK-T3 Series
Surface mount, high voltage ceramic capacitor, 1kVDC to 5kVDC, high reliability through use of disc capacitor element

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Resin molded SMD type for reflow soldering, high reliability, safety requirement approved by UL, SEMKO, NEMKO, FIMKO, DEMKO and KTL (for Type FC)

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