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Panasonic Electronic Components’ Detector Switches are used to detect internal mechanical movements and convert those or human manual operations, such as the closing of a flip-phone, to electronic signals. In some applications Detector Switches have been used to replace Encoders as a lower cost solution. Panasonic Detector Switches use a mechanical sliding spring design to ensure consistent signal output. They also have features that include long travel, thin profile, compact size, light weight, highly flexible actuation angles and surface mount or J-bent terminal mounting options.

LINE EXTENSION! ESE-31 Series 1.7mm Detector Switch

More Versatility In Detection! With both left-to-right and right-to-left options, the ESE-31 Series allows actuation from both directions.

  • Slim Body Profile – 1.7mm
  • High Mounting Strength: 80 N
  • Multiple Actuation Methods
  • Now Halogen-Free
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NEW! ESE-16 Series
3.35 x 2.2mm Detector Switch With Small Projected Size

Featuring its small projected size, the ESE-16 Series is a one-pole-one-throw, normal-open Detector Switch that comes in a 3.35mm x 2.2mm form factor. It has a body height of 1.5mm and an actuator height of 2.5mm. It can be actuated both vertically and horizontally, at a small actuation force of 250mN max.

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NEW! ESE-58 Series
0.9mm Detector Switch. One Of The Industry’s Smallest and Thinnest Detector Switches Available Today!

ESE-58 has both left-to-right and right-to-left lever options, allowing actuation from both directions. It also comes with both normal-open and normal-close circuit options, reducing power consumption. The switch can be actuated both vertically and horizontally. Two optional positioning bosses underneath the switch provide mounting assistance and durability.

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