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Panasonic Electronic Components’ Encoders convert the manual rotary operation of an actuator or knob into coded signal outputs. The operation is similar to Potentiometers but the output signal is different in that it is a repeated pulse signal rather than a continuous analog signal. Panasonic Encoders offer options such as high torque, push lock, long life, push-on switch, water proof and center space.

LINE EXTENSION! EVQ-V6 Series 20/12 Center Space Encoder

More Flexibility for Function Integration. Where absolute position control and clutter reduction are key.

  • Large Center Space – 11.6mm diameter
  • Multiple Torque Options (6mNm, 7mNm)
  • Automotive Operating Temperature
  • Comfortable Rotation
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LINE EXTENSION! EVQ-V5 Series 27/18 Center Space Encoder

More Flexibility for Function Integration. Hollow center allows room for LED’s, switches and other components.

  • Large Center Space – 17.6mm diameter
  • Now with Multiple Detent Options (18, 30)
  • Automotive Operating Temperature
  • Great Operability and High Reliability
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LINE EXTENSION! EVE-G/K Series 12mm Square GS Encoder

Now Available with Diecast Bushing. Wide range of variations to choose from.

  • Various Bushing Options (Diecast, Sleeve, Barling)
  • Multiple Detent Options (0, 12, 24)
  • Rotational Torque Options from 30 to 50 mNm
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NEW! EVQ-V0 Series

60 / 40mm Center Space Encoders With More Flexibility For Function Integration!

The EVQ-V0 Encoder comes with a large hollow center at 42.4mm diameter. Designers have plenty of room to put LEDs, switches and other components in this center space. In addition, the larger rotation ring provides a smooth and comfortable grip for users, with a small wobble of 0.25mm max. It also includes 30 crisp detents for smooth rotation and tactile feedback.

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