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As an industry leader in Electromechanical Components, Panasonic Electronic Components maintains the highest level of features and quality with in-house design, material, processing, and testing technologies. Panasonic’s Electromechanical Components are used to convert mechanical movement into electrical signals. These products are used in everyday devices at the point of user interaction. Panasonic Electromechanical Components detect user input and other menu or function selections and generate an electrical output to notify the internal circuitry.

NEW! EWV-YG/EWV-YJ Series 44/25 Center Space Rotary Potentiometers

More Flexibility for Function Integration. Large hollow center allows plenty of room for LED’s, switches and other components.

  • Large Center Space – 25mm dia.
  • Multiple Detent Options (9, 11, 18)
  • Now With a Built-in LED Option
  • Automotive Operating Temperature
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LINE EXTENSION! ESE-31 Series 1.7mm Detector Switch

More Versatility In Detection! With both left-to-right and right-to-left options, the ESE-31 Series allows actuation from both directions.

  • Slim Body Profile – 1.7mm
  • High Mounting Strength: 80 N
  • Multiple Actuation Methods
  • Now Halogen-Free
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NEW! EVP-AN Series 3.5 x 2.9mm Side-Operational Half Dive Switch

Ultra-Durable Edge-Mounting Design Clever switch design penetrates into PCB, allowing slimmer application profile and increased mounting strength!

  • Overall Switch Height – 1.2mm
  • Effective Height from PCB – 0.7mm
  • Strong Mounting Strength
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LINE EXTENSION! EVP-AF Series Series 3.0 x 2.6mm Light Touch Switch

Ultra-Miniaturized, Ultra-Thin Design! Small form factor allows more PCB real estate and slimmer application profile.

  • Paper Thin Height – 0.65mm
  • Equipped with Actuator for Assuring Click Feel
  • Now with More Push Force Options – 1.6N and 2.4N Added to the Existing 3.4N
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NEW! ESE-16 Series
3.35 x 2.2mm Detector Switch With Small Projected Size

Featuring its small projected size, the ESE-16 Series is a one-pole-one-throw, normal-open Detector Switch that comes in a 3.35mm x 2.2mm form factor. It has a body height of 1.5mm and an actuator height of 2.5mm. It can be actuated both vertically and horizontally, at a small actuation force of 250mN max.

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NEW! EVQ-P6 Series
4mm Light Touch Switch

Now Available With Added Ground Terminal For ESD Protection!
The EVQ-P6 Series offers flexibility to designers with its paper-thin form factor, at a height of 0.35mm without push plate and 0.58mm with push plate. The new variation with ground terminal stays true to the paper-thin form factor, adding merely 0.08mm to make the total height 0.43mm.

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NEW! EVQ-Q0 Double Action Switch
Unique, Ultra-Durable Edge-Mounting Design

EVQ-Q0 is designed with double action, meaning there are two actuation steps. It is also designed for side-operation, meaning the actuation angle is horizontal to the PCB, a method frequently used for the side buttons on handheld devices.

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NEW! EVP-AD Series
10mm Center Space Light Touch Switch

With a hollow center of 4.22mm diameter, designers can insert a Chip LED for integrated lighting functions. Compared with other existing solutions, EVP-AD offers the highest degree of flexibility in LED choice, so that designers can complete the design with the right color and intensity.

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Find out how Panasonic Center Spaced Encoders offer a greater degree of freedom in design while simultaneously conserving space.
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