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NEW! PAN1740 Series Place and Play Bluetooth® Low Energy Module

Revolutionizing Bluetooth Low Energy with a 5mA Current Consumption in Tx or Rx!
A revolution is underway in Bluetooth Low Energy to dramatically shrink power budgets for battery powered applications. Panasonic’s “nanopower” family of 2nd generation BLE modules reduces transmit and receive current consumption by more than 66% when compared to the current generation of BLE devices and nearly a 90% reduction from Bluetooth Classic devices. Most significant is that these current reductions have been achieved without range reduction, without Tx power reduction and without changes to the Bluetooth specification.

NEW! MN101L Series 8-Bit MCU with Built-In ReRAM

High Speed Write/Re-Write with Low Power Consumption!
Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Semiconductor Products, is pleased to introduce the NEW MN101L Series MCU. Utilizing built-in ReRAM, this Series of MCUs feature high-speed write/re-write times with up to 100k write cycles. With low power RTC and stop modes, the MN101L Series has a power consumption that is 50% lower than flash-based MCUs.

NEW! AYL2 (L2) Series LED Terminal

Wire Connection Type LED Terminal with Vertical Mating and High Capacity!
Panasonic is pleased to introduce the NEW AYL2 (L2) Series LED Terminal. Featuring a small size and a high capacity of 3A at 250VAC, this terminal offers easy connection due to its vertical mating structure and tactile feedback.

NEW! PLCC LED Series PLCC4 & PLCC6 Packaged LED

High Brightness Red LEDs with a PLCC4 and PLCC6 Package!
Panasonic is pleased to introduce the NEW PLCC LED Series. These PLCC packaged, surface mount LEDs can be driven at higher current levels than traditional LEDs. Using a long lifetime ALGalnP chip, these LEDs exhibit low luminous degradation and can withstand a wide range of temperatures.

NEW! SF-Y Series Low-Profile Safety Relays

Low-Profile Safety Relay with Forcibly-Guided Contacts for Safety Applications!
Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Relay Products, is pleased to introduce the NEW SF-Y Series Safety Relays. Featuring a short, 14.5mm profile and forcibly-guided contacts, the SF-Y Series meets EN 50205, Type A safety standard enabling the detection of contact welding for the proper construction of a safety circuit.

NEW! GT03-E Series Programmable Display

Programmable Display for Harsh Environments in a Compact 3.5 in Body!
Panasonic is pleased to announce the addition of the GT03-E Series Programmable Display to the GT Tough Series. A high resolution, waterproof touch screen and the ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures makes this device ideal for work in extreme weather conditions.

Panasonic’s Capacitor White Paper!

To learn more about the performance advantages of Polymer Capacitors and a related type of Hybrid Capacitor download our white paper.

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Panasonic’s PhotoMOS® Relay White Paper!

Working With Optically-Isolated Relays. Learn how these solid-state relays can improve the performance of data acquisition systems and industrial machines. This White Paper covers such topics as: PhotoMOS Product Lineup, Principles of Operation, Test & Measurement Uses, Applications, Design Tips & More!

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PAN1026 Series
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PAN1026 Series
NEW! PAN1026 Series Place and Play Bluetooth® Module
Dual Mode, Place and Play Bluetooth Module

Introducing Panasonic’s Bluetooth dual mode, place and play RF Module, the PAN1026 featuring an embedded ARM processor, Bluetooth 4.0, serial port profile (SPP) command set API and integrated antenna. This cost-engineered solution is based on a single chip solution that integrates an ARM processor with a Bluetooth controller.

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PAN1322 Series
NEW! PAN1322 Series Place and Play Bluetooth® Module
All-In-One, Place and Play Bluetooth Module

Introducing Panasonic’s next generation, smartphone compatible, place and play Bluetooth module, the PAN1322 Series. This module features an embedded microcontroller, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR stack, serial port profile (SPP), AT command set API and antenna.

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FJ3P02100L and FK3P02110L Series
NEW! SK8/SC8 Series Single & Dual Type N Power MOSFET
Low On-Resistance and High Speed Power Switching for DC-DC Converters

The SK8/SC8 Series Power MOSFET features on-resistance values that are among the lowest in the industry by utilizing Panasonic’s ultra-fine processing technology. Integrated with a built-in heat sink and power package, the SK8/SC8 Series contributes to both higher efficiency and PCB downsizing. For higher power requirements, Panasonic power packages provide the best solution.

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ECK-THC Series
NEW! OS-CON Aluminum-Polymer Solid Capacitors

Long Life Span and Minimal Changes in ESR Throughout the Rated Temperature Range
Panasonic's Capacitor product line has been expanded with OS-CON Aluminum-Polymer Solid Capacitors! Available in both surface mount and through hole types, the OS-CON product line spans several Series of Solid Electrolyte Aluminum Capacitors, which include the SVP, SVPC, SVPF, SVPE, SEP, SEPC, and SEPF Series. OS-CON Capacitors utilize aluminum and a high conductivity polymer material to offer low ESR, excellent noise reduction and ripple current capabilities. OS-CON parts are characterized by a long life span and minimal changes in ESR throughout the entire rated temperature range.

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ECK-THC Series
NEW! POSCAP Tantalum-Polymer Solid Capacitors

Stable Capacitance at High Frequency and Temperature, with Low ESR/ESL
Panasonic's Capacitor product line has been expanded with POSCAP Tantalum-Polymer Solid Capacitors. The POSCAP product line spans several SERIES of Solid Electrolyte Chip Capacitors which include the TPE, TQC, TPF, TPSF, TPB, TPC, TPG, and TPU Series. These capacitors utilize a sintered tantalum anode and a proprietary high conductivity polymer for a cathode. Panasonic's innovative construction and processing yields the lowest ESR level in polymer tantalum technology, and exhibits excellent performance in high frequency applications. Offering a high volumetric efficiency for capacitance, POSCAP Capacitors is available in various, compact package sizes for a small PCB footprint. Additionally, POSCAP parts demonstrate a high reliability and high heat resistance, making them the ideal Chip Capacitor for digital, high-frequency devices and more.

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EZP-E Series
LINE EXTENSION! EZP-E Series Metalized Polypropylene DC Link Film

Now Available in 500 and 1300 VDC Variants in Small Package Sizes
Panasonic introduces the expansion of the excellent EZP-E Series of Metalized Polypropylene DC Link Film Capacitors. The EZP-E Series is now available in 500 and 1300 VDC options in small package sizes. EZP-E Series parts are recommended for DC linkage applications in a wide array of industries. Panasonic’s built-in fuse function, combined with the small case size of these film capacitors make them appropriate for any application requiring DC linkage. Built-in fuse functionality ensures that EZP-E Series parts open in the event of an unlikely failure, rather than creating a short circuit situation. The EZP-E Series continues to also be available in 800 and 1100 VDC variants.

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NEW Line Card Catalog and Quick Reference Guides
Download Panasonic's NEW! Card Catalog and Quick Reference Guides!


The Panasonic Line Card Catalog contains a complete listing of industrial components Series names and specifications.


Quickly identify a Panasonic part number using its first three characters with this convenient Poster.


Quickly find a product by type and Series using its first three characters or type with this convenient Bookmark.

NEW! PAN1721 Series Bluetooth® Low Energy
Ultra Low Power, Bluetooth Low Energy Module

Introducing the PAN1721, a complete power optimized Bluetooth v4.0 Low Energy (BLE) solution, this module includes an embedded processor, antenna and BLE stack. The PAN1721 is engineered for ultra low power consumption applications.

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