Chip Choke Coils

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Panasonic Electronic Components' Chip Choke Coils are available with a wide variety of specifications, including, magnetically shielded, low profile, thin, low DC resistance, large current capability and vibration resistant.

NEW! ELL-5PR Series Magnetic Shielded Surface Mount Chip Choke Coils

Low Inductance Range In a Small 5 x 5 x 1.85mm Square Form Factor
The NEW ELL-5PR Series covers the lower inductance range of 0.47 to 10µH and offers lower DC Resistance than other comparable Inductor products. The ELL-5PR Series offers roughly two times the current handling capability at comparable inductance values and come in a smaller, lower profile form when compared with similar high current rating products.

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ELL-5PS Series

Magnetic shielded structure, low DC resistance and large current capacity.

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ELL-6RH Series

Very thin (height 2.5mm, 3.0mm) with higher mounting reliability through use of a separated user terminal and internal connection. Large current capability.

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