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Panasonic's industrial automation control components include PLCs, human machine interfaces, industrial sensors, laser markers, servo motors, static ionizers, timers, hour-meters, temperature controllers and limit switches. We manufacture and market products for various industries including automotive, alternative energy, medical, packaging, semiconductors, telecommunications, test and measurement, commercial and consumer electronics.

SG Collage
NEW! SG-E1, SG-C1, SG-B2/D1, SG-B1/A1 Series Safety Switches

Panasonic is pleased to introduce the NEW SG-E1, SG-C1, SG-B2/D1 and SG-B1/A1 Series. These safety switches complement our popular light curtains to offer a complete line of safety devices for manufacturing environments.

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LS-500 Series
NEW! GT03-E Series Programmable Display

Programmable Display for Harsh Environments in a Compact 3.5in Body!
Panasonic is pleased to announce the addition of the GT03-E Series Programmable Display to the GT Tough Series. A high resolution, waterproof touch screen and the ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures makes this device ideal for work in extreme weather conditions.

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LS-500 Series
NEW! LS-500 Series Digital Laser Sensor

Laser Sensor with Compact Sensor Heads and an Available 4-20 mA Output!
Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Factory Automation Products is pleased to introduce the NEW LS-500 Series digital laser sensors. The LS-500 Series is a Class 1 laser sensor that saves production time and money with speed and ease-of-use. It has a threshold tracking feature that allows the sensor to adjust its threshold to compensate for tough environments such as those with dust and dirt.

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EX-10S Series
NEW! EX-10S Series Ultra-Slim, Narrow Beam Photoelectric Sensor

Slim Photoelectric Sensors with a Narrow Beam and Long Sensing Range!
Panasonic introduces the NEW EX-10S Series featuring an ultra-slim size at just 3.5mm thick. The EX-10S Series can easily be embedded in applications where mounting space is limited. The narrow beam spread of the EX-10S Series allows for the sensors to be mounted in close proximity while avoiding mutual interference without the requirement of accessory slit masks.

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