Industrial Sensors

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Panasonic offers a wide variety of Industrial Sensors including, Area, Color Mark, Laser, Safety Light Curtains, Photoelectric and more.

LS-500 Series
NEW! LS-500 Series Digital Laser Sensor

Laser Sensor with Compact Sensor Heads and an Available 4-20 mA Output!
Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Factory Automation Products is pleased to introduce the NEW LS-500 Series digital laser sensors. The LS-500 Series is a Class 1 laser sensor that saves production time and money with speed and ease-of-use. It has a threshold tracking feature that allows the sensor to adjust its threshold to compensate for tough environments such as those with dust and dirt.

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EX-10S Series
NEW! EX-10S Series Ultra-Slim, Narrow Beam Photoelectric Sensor

Slim Photoelectric Sensors with a Narrow Beam and Long Sensing Range!
Panasonic introduces the NEW EX-10S Series featuring an ultra-slim size at just 3.5mm thick. The EX-10S Series can easily be embedded in applications where mounting space is limited. The narrow beam spread of the EX-10S Series allows for the sensors to be mounted in close proximity while avoiding mutual interference without the requirement of accessory slit masks.

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