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Panasonic Electronic Components has both single and multi-layer versions of Metal Oxide Varistors or Surge Absorbers. They are available in Leaded or Surface Mount packages and have a wide range of Varistor voltages and peak current/energy capabilities.

LINE EXTENSION! EZJ-PZ Series Multi-Layer Ceramic Varistors (MLCV's)

Now Available in 0201 ECA Case Size
Panasonic Electronic Components' long established EZJ-P Series is now extended to include nine new part numbers in the small 0201 ECA case size. The NEW EZJ-PZ Series is well suited for small or handheld electronic devices for the protection of sensitive circuitry from ESD damage.

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EZJ-Z, EZJ-P Series

Multilayer Varistors for ESD pulse (DC voltage lines, high speed signal lines), ultra low capacitance, IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 standard, RoHS compliant.

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EZJ-ZZ / Z0 / Z1

Multilayer Chip Varistors: zinc-oxide small cap. value for high-speed signal lines.

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EZJ-S Series

Multilayer Chip Varistors, strontium titinate large cap. value for voltage supply lines.

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