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Panasonic Electronic Components offers a variety of solutions for Circuit and Thermal Protection. Panasonic’s flexible PGS Graphite Sheet can be used in applications with limited space. Thermal Cut-offs can be used in transformers, solenoids, fans, small electric motors and chargers for circuit safety. In addition, Panasonic also offers a wide range of Thermistors, both Surface Mount and Leaded, for excellent temperature compensation and detection.


Panasonic Electronic Components' Heat Spreading Material or PGS (Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet) is a heat sink sheet with high thermal conductivity with the ability to flex easily to be cut into custom shapes, which is useful in applications that have limited space. Excellent thermal conductivity (600 to 800W/(m-K), twice as high as copper, three times as high as aluminum) and lightweight. For an interactive demonstration of the cooling capabilities of Panasonic's Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet Click Here!

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LINE EXTENSION! EZJ-PZ Series Multi-Layer Ceramic Varistors (MLCV's)

Now Available in 0201 ECA Case Size
Panasonic Electronic Components' long established EZJ-P Series is now extended to include nine new part numbers in the small 0201 ECA case size. The NEW EZJ-PZ Series is well suited for small or handheld electronic devices for the protection of sensitive circuitry from ESD damage.

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NEW! ERZ-VS34Cxxx Series ZNR Transient / Surge Absorber (Metal Oxide Varistor)

Doubles The Surge Current Capability Of Existing ZNR's
The New ERZ-VS34Cxxx Series protects power supply facilities and communications equipment from steep lightning surges. This new Series is also suitable for incorporation into a surge protection device corresponding to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS C 5381-1).

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Watch Panasonic's Sr. Applications Manager demonstrate the cooling capabilities of Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet
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