PhotoMOS Relays

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MOSFET enabled solid state relays featuring low off-state leakage current and stable on-resistance over the component lifetime. Low CxR values, high optical isolation between input and output, and DC and AC / DC load ratings. Features include high switching speed, long operational life, high vibration and shock resistance. No arcing, no bounce, no switching noise. MOSFET drivers available in SSOP, SOP 4-pin, and DIP 6-pin. Applications include: Test and Measurement, Instrumentation, Security, Medical, Data Communications, Automotive, Railway and Traffic Signals, Industrial Machines.

AQZ Series High Capacity PhotoMOS Relays
LINE EXTENSION! AQZ Series High Capacity PhotoMOS Relays
Slim Size PhotoMOS Relay Now with a Larger Switching Capacity up to 5A 200VDC!

Panasonic introduces the expansion of the AQZ Series of PhotoMOS Relays. This series now includes a model with an expanded 5A 200VDC switching capacity, allowing for usage in power generation and battery storage applications.

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