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Panasonic offers a wide variety of Relays including Power, PhotoMOS, Signal, Solid State, Automotive, and High Frequency.

LF-G Series Non-Polarized Power Relay
LINE EXTENSION!LF-G Series Non-Polarized Power Relay
High Capacity Power Relays Now with a 1.8mm Contact Gap!

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Relay Products, introduces the expansion of the LF-G Series of Non-Polarized Power Relays. Now offered with a 1.8mm contact gap, these new parts can handle switching capacities up to 33A 250VAC, making the LF-G Series perfect for usage in solar applications for AC line switching.

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ALQ Series Non-Polarized Power Relays
NEW! ALQ Series Non-Polarized Power Relays
Small, High Capacity Power Relays with High Surge and Breakdown Voltages

Panasonic introduces the NEW ALQ Series Non-Polarized Power Relays. Featuring a small size with a high switching capacity, this new Series is ideal for use within home applicance applications. The size and pin layout are the same as the Panasonic JQ Series and the relay can be mounted in any orientation.

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