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Panasonic Electronic Components offers Chip Resistors Arrays in cases from 0201 to 0805. The smaller 0201 case sizes are available with flat terminations and all other case sizes are offered with either convex or concave terminations. Panasonic’s Resistor Networks are available in 8 or 15 bussed Resistors and are recommended for all pull up/down circuits.

NEW! EXB-U Series Anti Sulfur Resistors

Anti-Sulfur Thick Film Chip Resistor in Array Type
Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Resistor Products, is pleased to introduce the NEW EXB-U Series. These Series provide excellent resistance to sulfuration by using an Ag-Pd based inner electrode.

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EXB1-/2/3/V Series

Chip resistor array. Placement efficiency of chip resistor array is two, four or eight times of the flat type chip resistor.

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EXB-AL Series

Low ohmic value chip resistor array. Superior mountability due to unique concave terminal.

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New Catalogue
EXB-A/E/D Series

Chip resistor networks

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