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Panasonic Electronic Components offers three different Power Resistor technologies that include Metal Oxide, Metal Film, and Anti-Pulse. These Power Resistors have a non-flammable nature and are solvent resistant.

LINE EXTENSION! ERJ-A/B Series Wide Terminal Type, High Power Thick Film Chip Resistors

Stronger Solder Joint and Higher Heat Dissipation for Power Circuits and Current Sensing Functions
With a wide terminal design, the ERJ-A/B Series achieves strong solder joint reliability to compensate for vibration and shock from the application environment. The wide terminal design also improves heat dissipation to handle thermal shock and high power rating. The ERJ-A/B Series covers the resistance range from 5mΩ to 1mΩ in E24 values or more, with a good TCR varying from ±100x10-6/°C to ±350x10-6/°C, and high power rating varying from 0.33W to 2W.

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ERJ-A1/B1 Series

High power chip resistor, wide terminal type. High solder-joint reliability by wide terminal construction. Excellent heat dissipation characteristics.

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ERG, ERX Series

Highly reliable metal film resistors, metal oxide, miniaturized (50% smaller compared to existing models), non-flammable, automatic insertion.

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