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Panasonic Electronic Components offers a wide range of Surface Mount Resistors including conventional Thick Film Chip Resistors, Specialized Resistors such as Thin Film, Current Sense, Anti-Sulfur, Anti-Surge, and Metal Film Chip Resistors. Panasonic’s standard Thick Film Chip Resistors are offered in cases sizes from 01005 to 2512.

NEW! ERJ-U and ERJ-C1 Series Anti Sulfur Resistors

Anti-Sulfur Thick Film Chip Resistor in Standard and Wide Terminal
Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Resistor Products, is pleased to introduce the NEW ERJ-U and ERJ-C1 Series. These Series provide excellent resistance to sulfuration by using an Ag-Pd based inner electrode in Standard and Wide Terminal types.

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LINE EXTENSION! ERJ-S6 Series Anti-Sulfur Thick Film Chip Resistors

High Performance and Corrosion Tolerant in 0805 Case Size for Low Ohmic Application
The ERJ-S6 Series covers the resistance range from 100mΩ to 1Ω in E24 values, with a good TCR of ± 150x10-6/°C and high power rating of 0.25W, at the 0805 EIA case size (2012 in metric). Resistance tolerances are available in ± 1%, ±2% and ±5% for applications in various precision levels.

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LINE EXTENSION! ERA-xA Series High Reliability Metal/Thin Film Chip Resistors

Featuring Improved Accuracy and Reliability for Audio and Automotive Applications
Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Resistor Products, is expanding its successful line of high reliability metal film (also known as thin film) chip resistors. These new parts offer a 0.5% resistance tolerance rating, in 1206, 0805 and 0603 (inch) case sizes, with ±25x10-6 ppm/°C and ±50x10-6 ppm/°C temperature coefficients. The ERA-xA Series Thin Film Resistor product line offers a highly precise, controlled and reliable solution to demanding designs.

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ERJ-P Series

Thick film chip resistors with anti-surge characteristics superior to standard metal film resistors. Highly reliable, suitable for both reflow and flow soldering.

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ERJ-A1/B1 Series

High power chip resistor, wide terminal type. High solder-joint reliability by wide terminal construction. Excellent heat dissipation characteristics.

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ERJ-R/L Series

Low resistance value, highly reliable, thick film chip resistor, 1% & 5% tolerance, low size and lightweight, 0402 – 2512 case sizes available

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