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Bluetooth Classic, formerly known as Bluetooth and Bluetooth EDR, is a networking standard designed to meet IEEE 802.15.1 and administered by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (BT SIG). Conceived as a 2.4GHz wireless standard to replace wired headsets in 1999, Bluetooth has grown in both scope and capability. By far it is the most prolific wireless standard today adding over 1,000,000 nodes to the network every day, in cell phones, PC’s, consumer and medical electronics applications and many more. Bluetooth Classic is best suited to high data rate – up to 3Mbits/sec – applications where the network size is under eight nodes. Larger networks can be formed with Scatternets. Connections are robust, even in noisy environments, by using 80 channels, each 1MHz wide, adaptive frequency hopping, and multiple modulation schemes. Range can be adjusted using hardware and software from under a meter to over two hundred meters. Panasonic offers four Series of Bluetooth devices with over 20 parts numbers to address nearly every application.

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PAN1322 Series
NEW! PAN1322 Series Place and Play Bluetooth® Module
All-In-One, Place and Play Bluetooth Module

Introducing Panasonic’s next generation, smartphone compatible, place and play Bluetooth module, the PAN1322 Series. This module features an embedded microcontroller, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR stack, serial port profile (SPP), AT command set API and antenna.

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NEW PAN1325A/1315A Series Bluetooth® High Temperature RF Module

Introducing the NEW PAN1325A/1315A Series Bluetooth RF Modules from Panasonic Electronic Components, now providing Texas Instruments' NEW CC2560A controller in an easy-to-use RF Module format with Bluetooth, FCC, IC and CE certifications. A ROM update from Texas Instruments to the already popular CC2560 IC has allowed Panasonic to improve its top selling PAN1325/1315 Series. The NEW PAN1325A/1315A Series Modules has increased power and system efficiency resulting from reduced initialization script size, start-up time and decreased system memory requirements.

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NEW PAN1321i Series Bluetooth® RF Module

Introducing the NEW PAN1321i Series Bluetooth RF Module compatible with Apple devices such as the iPod®, iPhone® and iPad®. The PAN1321i Series interfaces with the Apple authentication coprocessor and supports iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP) to enable Bluetooth Serial Port data communication with Bluetooth enabled Apple devices. The PAN1321i Series wireless Bluetooth connectivity also includes compatibility with Android, smart phones and most Bluetooth enabled devices.

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NEW PAN1311/1321 SERIES BLUETOOTH® RF MODULES Featuring Serial Port Profile (SPP)

Introducing the New PAN1311/1321 Series. This series of Bluetooth RF Modules is a highly integrated, cost engineered solution for Bluetooth applications using Serial Port Profile (SPP). The PAN1311/1321 Series is a full Bluetooth system solution, with an integrated controller and antenna, Bluetooth transceiver, SPP Profile, FCC and Bluetooth product certifications. Using Panasonic’s exclusive “tiny footprint” technology, incorporating a Surface Mount Device (SMD) Land Grid Array (LGA) package, the PAN1311/1321 Series is just 15.6 mm by 8.7 mm!

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Bluetooth Products For Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring — Wireless patient monitoring improves patient mobility and reduces risk of cable entanglements and electric shock. Many network protocols are used in the medical market today with little very interactivity amongst medical equipment manufacturers. The Continua Health Alliance is drafting a protocol for wireless patient monitoring and medical equipment communication. Panasonic is a founding member of the Continua Alliance and is one of the very few module manufacturers that will soon have hardware capable supporting the Continua Alliance protocol.

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Bluetooth Products For Inventory Management

If the objective is to determine the presence or absence of products or goods inventory control may be inexpensively accomplished with passive RFID systems. Passive RFID tags contain no power source and rely upon a magnetically induced energy from the reader for power. The result is long life, although passive tags do not have the ability to communicate until a reader is within range, typically several feet or less. When inventory environment monitoring is needed wireless sensor networks monitor and report temperature, humidity, shock, smoke and more. Panasonic modules with integrated SNAP firmware allow engineers to quickly test different protocols – ISM, 802.15.4, Bluetooth -- and determine the best solution for a specific application. Panasonic offers nearly fifty different modules to build a wireless sensor network fine tuned to specific application requirements.

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