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The PAN2450 module is a low power UHF transceiver, with a completely integrated (autonomous) micro-controller and a highly efficient power amplifier. It is designed for ISM and SRD band frequencies. It can be easily programmed for operations at other frequencies. The modem complies with EN 300-220 and FCC CFR47 part 15 and offers a low cost solution for many ISM-applications. It?s an optimal solution for all applications where a narrow band and wide band bidirectional data transfer function is required. It can be customized for various power levels, channel spacing and frequency needs.

PAN2450 Full Specification

  • Wireless Alarm And Security Systems
  • RKE - Two-Way Remote Keyless Entry
  • Home Automation Systems
  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Low Power Telemetry
  • Toys
Product Performance:
  • Maximum Data-rate:
    Up to 153.6 kBaud (NRZ Mode, Wide Band Applications)
    Up to 19.2k Baud (NRZ Mode, Narrow Band Applications)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Frequency Range 868 - 915 MHz (std)
  • High Sensitivity (Up To -114 dBm for a 12.5 kHz Channel)
  • Programmable Output Power From 0 To 14 dBm
  • Low Supply Voltage: 2.3 V to 3.6 V Typ. 3.0 V
  • Small Size: 20.4mm x 30.4mm x 3.7mm
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +55°C
  • Digital RSSI And Carrier Sense Indicator
  • Suitable For Frequency Hopping Systems
  • Single Port Antenna Connection
  • Complies With ETSI EN 300 220 And FCC CFR47 Part 15 And ARIB STD-T67

Parameter Value Condition / Notes
Receiver Sensitivity
  868 MHz
-114 dBm 12.5 kHz channel width, FSK@2kHz,
2.4 kBaud, Manchester coded
Output Power
  868 MHz
-0 to +14 dBm Delivered to 50Ω load.
Output power is programmable.
RSSI Dynamic Range 63 dBm range Digital Output
PLL Lock Time (Rx/Tx turn time)
25 kHz channel width, 868 MHz
1.1 ms Up to 1 MHz frequency step to within +/- 1kHz
PLL turn-on time, From power down mode
with crystal osciallator running,
25 KHz channel width, 868 MHz
2.5 ms Time from writing to registers to PLL lock
Power Down Mode 802 uA typ. Oscillator core off, depends on the power down
mode from the uC MSP430.
Can be reduced with a new layout.
Current Consumption
(Receive Mode 868 MHz)
18 mA typ. 25 kHz channel width
Current Consumption
(Transmit Mode) 868 MHz
P=25mW (14dBm)
50 mA typ. Delivered to 50Ω load. Output power is programmable.

All parameters belong to Vcc = 3V and Tamb = 25°C.
Texas Instruments µC MSP430F1232, Chipcon's CC1020 and a small Power Amplifier are used in this module.

Part Numbers:
ENW59602ND1 PAN2450, 868~915MHZ, 4.8KBPS, Tx 14dBm
EVAL_PAN2450 Evaluation Kit for the PAN2450