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Panasonic Electronic Components' Integrated Circuits (ICs) implement a specific function that appeals to a wide market. Panasonic offers a wide range of Integrated Circuits (ICs) for Video, Audio, Communication, Information Equipment, Automotive, Power Supply, Motor Drives, Displays and Storage.

AN3x Series LED Matrix Driver
NEW! AN3x Series LED Matrix Driver
High Resolution, 256 Step LED Matrix Driver with Built-In Lighting Effects

Panasonic introduces the NEW AN3x Series LED Matrix Drivers. The AN3x Series is a single chip solution which can drive from 3 to 288 single color LEDs or from 1 to 96 RBD LEDs.

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NEW! AN26102A Series Power Amplifiers
SiGe Bi-CMOS Monolithic IC, WLCSP PKG Power Amplifier

Panasonic announces the NEW AN26102A Series Power Amplifier. Using a 0.25u SiGe Bi-CMOS process, the NEW AN26102A Series features low power consumption and low operation voltage for 2.4 GHz WiFi applications. This Series provides an ultra-small package that facilitates circuit miniaturization in applications that require small and thin module design.

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NEW! AN260xxA Series Low Noise Amplifiers
SiGeC Bi-CMOS Monolithic IC, Low Noise Amplifiers

Panasonic is pleased to announce the NEW AN260xxA Series Low Noise Amplifiers. Using a 0.18u SiGeC Bi-CMOS process, high frequency performance is achieved with low noise and low power consumption. Utilizing an ultra-small package, the NEW AN260xxA Series facilitates design miniaturization in applications for smart phones, mobile DTV, GPS, WiFi, WIMAX, and WLAN among others.

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NEW! AN44xxxA Stepper Motor Driver IC Series
Low Ron, Various Current Ranges

Panasonic is pleased to announce these NEW Stepper Motor Driver Series to their already existing product line. This broadened selection of IC’s for Stepper Motor Drivers offer built-in functionality in smaller case sizes allowing easy PCB design and maximum board space savings.

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NEW! AN30888A/B Series Standard LED Drivers
Suitable For Driving High Bright LED’s In LED Lighting Applications

Panasonic introduces the NEW AN30888A/B Series LED Drivers which are suitable for driving high bright LED’s in LED Lighting applications. These NEW AN30888A/B LED Drivers are Boost/Buck-Boost/Buck DCDC controllers that drive an external power NMOS switch. The design flexibility of the Boost/Buck-Boost/Buck output system is achieved by changing the external circuit. The AN30888A/B Series’ wide operating power supply range allows configuration of the power supply and the number of LED’s to drive required by the specific application.

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NEW! AN419xxx Series Special Function Motor Drivers
Low Noise, Low Power, Low Cost Single Chip Motor Driver Solutions

Panasonic introduces two NEW Special Function Single Chip Motor Driver solutions that lower acoustic noise, power consumption and save valuable design-in dollars. Panasonic has designed these new Drivers to offer precision control in a single chip format, which significantly reduces space required for this functionality on the PCB and reduces development time. High efficiency, safety, wider ranges, low noise and low vibration are what Panasonic designed into these new Motor Driver solutions.

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NEW! AN488xx Hall IC Series Surface Mount, Hall Effect Latches, Magnetic Digital-Position Sensor IC’s
For Rotation and Open/Close Detection Applications, 1.8V Low Current Consumption

Panasonic introduces the NEW AN488xx Hall IC Series. The NEW AN488xx Series parts act as a contactless switch using a pulse system that detects a magnetic field which turns devices on and off. The AN48846B and AN48841B parts are suitable for Wheel Keys and Track Ball applications; they detect a magnetic field’s polarity change from south to north or from north to south.

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