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Panasonic CSP TMOSFETs!

Panasonic, a global supplier of discrete semiconductors, offers industry-leading low on-resistance, ultra-thin, and small CSP TMOSFETs. Panasonic CSP TMOSFETs offer ideal solutions for space constrained applications.

FJ3P02100L and FK3P02110L Serie
NEW! SK8/SC8 Series Single & Dual Type N Power MOSFET
Low On-Resistance and High Speed Power Switching for DC-DC Converters

The SK8/SC8 Series Power MOSFET features on-resistance values that are among the lowest in the industry by utilizing Panasonic’s ultra-fine processing technology. Integrated with a built-in heat sink and power package, the SK8/SC8 Series contributes to both higher efficiency and PCB downsizing. For higher power requirements, Panasonic power packages provide the best solution.

FJ3P02100L and FK3P02110L Serie
NEW! FJ3P02100L & FK3P02110L Series Power CSP MOSFETs

Panasonic introduces the new FJ3P02100L and FK3P02110L Series of Power CSP MOSFETs. The new POWER CSP MOSFET Series features Power Mount CSP Packaging (PMCP) that is comprised of a unique pad design and drain clip technology. This allows for a 5% improvement in thermal dissipation while simultaneously reducing the size by 80% over the conventional solutions.

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