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Panasonic offers a broad line of Power ICs including DC-DC Converters and IPD (Intelligent Power Devices).

NEW! Wireless Charging Control LSI Qi Compatible, Wireless Power IC

Qi Compatible Wireless Charging LSI with a 70% Conversion Efficiency!
Panasonic’s wireless power control ICs support all equipment conforming to WPC 1.1 (Qi standard) of the Wireless Power Consortium, including DSC, DVC, portable audio, cellphone and smartphone devices.

NEW! NN30 Series Synchronous DC/DC Step-Down Regulator

Panasonic is pleased to announce the NEW NN30 Series synchronous DC/DC Step Down Regulator (1-ch). The NN30 Series integrates power MOSFETs that employ a hysteretic control system. This provides a high-speed response that minimizes output voltage fluctuations in the presence of load current spikes.

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NEW! AN3018xA Series Multi-Channel DC/DC Step-Down Regulator with Integrated FET and LDO

Panasonic introduces the NEW AN3018xA Series Multi-Channel DC/DC Step-Down Regulators with Integrated FET and LDO. The NEW AN3018xA Series parts offer a power management LSI Step-Down DC/DC Regulator (1 to 2ch) that uses Panasonic’s original Hysteretic DC/DC core control system. By employing this system, when the load current changes suddenly, the NEW AN3018xA Series parts respond at high speed and minimize output voltage changes.

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NEW! AN3301X Series Step-Down Regulators
Highly Reliable DC/DC Series Step-Down Regulators with Controllable Switching Frequency

Panasonic announces four NEW AN3301X Series Step-Down Regulators to their already existing product line. These NEW AN3301X Series parts feature a highly reliable DC/DC Step-Down Regulator that employs a voltage control system. They can be operated at a high voltage range (from 5V to 39V) and can also be used for power supply LSI of car-AV systems.

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