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General Notices
Counterfeit Panasonic Products

It has come to our attention that counterfeit components made to look like genuine Panasonic parts are turning up in the market. We have acquired samples of some of these look-alike products and determined that they are not authentic. Some of the tricks used by their unscrupulous manufacturers/distributors are:
• Using the name of "Matashita" to mimic Panasonic’s parent company name "Matsushita"
• Using incorrect labeling colors
• Using packaging labels positioning and sizes that do not conform with Panasonic’s standards.

As these counterfeit parts can be of inferior quality and lack necessary standard safety approvals, their use could cause circuit malfunctions and possible safety hazards. Genuine Panasonic parts should only be purchased from an authorized Panasonic dealer and sales office. A list of Panasonic authorized distributors is available on the main Panasonic web site.

If you have seen or believe to have counterfeit Panasonic parts please, report it to:
Panasonic Industrial Company
3 Panasonic Way
Secaucus, New Jersey 07094
Mail Stop: 7H2
Att: Components Marketing Group.