LED Lighting Solutions

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Panasonic Electronic Components provides cutting edge component technology that can give your lighting application the performance, reliability and quality that today’s consumers demand and that is synonymous with the Panasonic brand.

LED Lighting Solutions


Panasonic Electronic Components has solutions for both AC & DC LED lighting circuitry. The circuit diagrams below show typical places where our high qualtiy products can be used in your application. Use the links above or click on the highlighted components in the diagrams below to learn more about the features and benefits Panasonic Electronic Components bring to any LED Lighting application.

Lighting Solutions AC Circuit Thermal Management I/O Control Resistors Resistors Resistors Resistors Resistors Thermal Managment Inductors Inductors Capacitors Capacitors Capacitors Capacitors Circuit Protection Circuit Protection Capacitors Capacitors Capacitors

Lighting Solutions DC Circuit Thermal Management I/O Control Circuit Protection Resistors Resistors Resistors