LED Lighting I/O Solutions

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Panasonic Electronic Components offers Input & Output solutions in Electromechanical and Wireless RF technologies. Give your lighting applications the highest quality and reliability all while keeping them on the cutting edge of technology by making them Powered By Panasonic.

LED Lighting I/O Solutions


Panasonic offers tactile switches and linear potentiometers for lighting control applications, that can be found in cars, offices, homes and flashlights.

io flashlightPanasonic Long Stroke Switches Provide Less Finger Fatigue and Accident-Free Actuation.
For flashlight applications, users operate on/off button at high frequency with their thumbs. To reduce finger fatigue, a longer stroke switch such as variations of the EVQ-Q2 and EVQ-P2 series are recommended.

EVP-ADCenter Space Switches Allow For LED Integration.
Panasonic's EVP-AD series is a 10mm Center Space Light Touch Switch, that is small and thin, has an open center space that allows the highest degree of flexibility in LED choice. Features include:
- Center Space of 4.2mm dia.
- Small Footprint - 10.15 x 9.8mm
- High Force and Long Travel
- Meets Automotive Standards

20mm Slide Potentiometers Provide Smooth Dimming Control
Wall control panels are often used by home automation and office automation products, for adjustment of lighting performance. As this market matures, control panels evolve to include thinner, more appealing designs to fit in the overall design of home and office. Long life specification up to 3 million cycles is preferred, to ensure high quality product and reduce cost of repair. Panasonic offers the EWA series slide potentiometer for wall controls.

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RF Modules

Panasonic Electronic Components provides powerful, highly flexible, cost effective RF Modules for a wide variety of wireless Personal Area Network (PAN) applications. New extended range products and small footprints combined with network firmware flexibility make Panasonic an industry leader in the development of cutting edge RF Module technology. Two series in Panasonic’s RF Module product line are well suited for lighting control. Mesh Networking or 802.15.4 and ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical).

PAN4561Mesh Networking
Complex, multi-node networks are most easily implemented using SNAP® (Synapse Network Application Protocol) modules such as the PAN4555 and PAN4561. SNAP networks don’t require the use of a coordinator, making them more reliable than other network topologies.

With their tiny footprint, ISM modules are Panasonic’s most aggressively priced and smallest RF Modules. The PAN2355 series are versatile and ideal for proprietary networks.

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