LED Lighting Thermal Management Solutions

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Panasonic Electronic Components provides cutting edge Thermal Management technologiesy that can give your lighting application longer life through temperature sensing and heat spreading.

LED Lighting Thermal Solutions

Multi-Layer Chip Thermistors

Panasonic Multi-Layer Chip Thermistors can aid in the control of LED circuits. Elevated junction temperatures can reduce expected life, resulting in the need for temperature control. This begins with the temperature sensing capabilities of Panasonic's MLCTs which can aid in Brightness Control circuitry and perform Overheating Prevention.

This graph shows a simulation of two circuits, without and with a thermistor. Circuit 2 (in green), which is using a thermistor can allow higher current over temperature for the LED.

Recommended Series: ERT-J

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Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet (PGS)

PGS is a heat spreading material with several times the thermal conductivity of copper in its plane. PGS spreads heat from hot spots which allows more efficient heat spreading. Panasonic's PGS material is also highly flexible and can be die cut to custom shapes.

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