SNAP v.s Zigbee

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SNAP vs. ZigBee:

Feature/Stack SNAP ZigBee Networks AT Commands Comments
Coordinator Required No Yes Yes Coordinator-Free Networks are more reliable.
Wireless Application Update Yes No No Wireless application updating elliminates costly upgrade rollouts.
Portability Yes No No Portability allows applications to be ported to different processors without modification
Flexibility Unlimited Unlimited Limited Flexibility is based on the number of software commands available.
Mesh Network Capability Yes Yes Yes  
Self Healing Yes Yes Yes  
InterNet Capable Yes No No Internet capability allows networks be contolled remotely.
Support Sleed Mode Yes Yes No  
Application Space 20K 3K 5K Number of bytes available for software applications.
Application Language Python C AT  
Compiler Cost $ Free 2,500 ~ 10,000 Free  
License Fee $ Inc. 3,000 Inc.  
SW Certification Fee $ No 1,000 No  
Application Development Time Hours Months Minutes  
Cross Mfg. Compatibility Limited Yes No Compatibility with other networks.