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E-Senza Networking Firmware

E-Senza's SN55 is an industry leading wireless device networking firmware that allows instant sensor, device and meter integration into a seamless low-power IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Personal Area Network using simple AT commands.

The SN55 provides real-time mesh networking capabilities coupled with ease of programming and device interfacing with the option of future migration path to standards like ZigBee®, Wireless HART or ISA SP100.

SN55 integrates and hides the lower level complexities of the wireless device networks and provides an easy and intuitive user interface. The network layer supports several device profiles, routing mechanism, store-and-forward mechanism, and other services.

With the help of the SN55 firmware, an end-to-end wireless device networking solution that addresses both current needs and simultaneously the needs of the future by providing a migration path to future standards can be built. The greatest benefit of the SN55 is its modular framework which can provide whatever the application needs.

SN55 provides the following features:
• Multi-Hopping and True Mesh-Networking
• Optimized Battery Management For Wireless Nodes
• Event-Reporting Mechanism With Push Technology
• Support For Multiple Device Profiles For Industry Interfaces And Devices

Programers Interface Manual