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Synapse SNAP Software

A wireless mesh network based on the SNAPĀ® (Synapse Network Application Protocol) software stack is instant-on, self-forming, and self-healing. Creating applications to run on the nodes forming the network is fast, efficient, updated over-the-air, and does not require embedded programming skills. In fact, users can administer and manage a SNAP based network without actually having to know anything about the details of wireless networks.

This approach makes wireless technology accessible to a much broader range of users, including monitoring and control in consumer, commercial, industrial, and government markets. Uses range from building automation (lighting, security, HVAC) to industrial control and machine communication, medical monitoring, security applications and home automation.

Synapse Wireless provides software for wireless machine communications focused on the mesh networking market. Synapse's SNAPĀ® (Synapse Network Appliance Protocol) software is unprecedented in the industry. SNAP is an IEEE 802.15.4 based auto-forming, multi-hop, mesh network stack core combined with a virtual machine layer for running application code. SNAP runs preinstalled on Panasonic's RF modules. Synapse's impressive technology is not complicated to use. There is no setup required nor complex embedded programming skills needed; making time to market fast and product development a SNAP!

• Self-healing mesh network.
• Instant-ON: communicate within milliseconds of power-up.
• Simple, powerful scripting language (Python based).
• Customize applications and then interactively upload scripts over-the-air.
• Supports full mesh with sleeping (low power) modes.
• Remote Procedure Call (RPC) support, peer-to-peer among all nodes.
• Supports AES-128 encryption
• All devices are peers - every node can bridge, route, and sleep.
• Supports bridging to other networks (TCP/IP, ZigBee®) with transparent RPC calls.
• Scripts have full pin-level access to hardware.
• Flexible "Switchboard" for routing data between logical ports:
  • UARTs
  • Transparent Wireless Data
  • Packet-mode Async Serial
• Virtually unlimited network

SNAP Version 2.2 (beta) Downloads SNAP Downloads: