Advanced Disc for Archiving (ADA)

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ADA Internal Optical Drives

ADA Archiving Benefits:

25GB / 50GB Archive Grade Media Based Upon the Blu-ray Discâ„¢ Industry Standard

ADA media is based upon the Blu-ray Discâ„¢ industry standard, supported by over 450 companies in the IT, Consumer Electronics, Game and Digital Media/Movie industries. Future capacity of 100GB is in the ADA media development roadmap.

Panasonic Blu-ray Media Life Exceeds 50 Years

The specially selected precision-manufactured discs are comprised of inorganic phase-change recording materials covered with a unique hard coating and enclosed in a cartridge for additional protection and secure, long-term storage of critical data.
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Replacement and Data Migration Path for Older Optical Technologies

Magneto-optical (MO) drive production has been discontinued by its manufacturers and other proprietary optical formats face an uncertain future. ADA offers a migration path for users of these older technologies to an open industry standard media format. The high capacity ADA media allows data on older formats to be economically consolidated on fewer discs, providing easier access and using less storage space.

ADA Network Appliance

ADA Drive in a DICOM-Compliant Network Storage Appliance

Archiving applications for the ADA drive and media include:

Medical Imaging and Patient Records Archiving

Utilizing software and hardware from our technology partners, the drive can be installed in an affordable DICOM-compliant Network Attached Appliance for use in small and mid-size medical imaging facilities, where installation of a complete PACS system may be cost prohibitive.
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Data Preservation and Regulatory Compliance

The true-WORM (write-once read many) nature of the ADA-R media ensures that data cannot be erased, altered or overwritten, unlike magnetic or hard-drive based storage. This supports verification of record authenticity and audit trails required for regulatory compliance when archiving government, legal, financial, medical and other critical data.

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