Optical Drives

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Panasonic, a leader and innovator of the DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ formats for consumer and professional use, provides optical storage solutions for a wide range of applications. Panasonic's OEM optical drives are found in the world’s leading PC brands as well as in optical libraries, archiving systems, disc duplication and publishing equipment.
Panasonic’s position as a trusted source for reliable, high-performance drives is based upon years of accumulated manufacturing expertise as a large volume supplier to the computer industry.
Blu-ray Technology for Secure Archiving

The Advanced Disc for Archiving (ADA) drive and media provide secure storage on cartridge-enclosed media using the industry-standard Blu-ray Disc™ optical format. The ADA archive-grade media is specially selected in a rigorous testing process to ensure low error rates, high reliability and media life of over 50 years. The discs are currently available in 25 and 50GB capacities, with a development roadmap to 100GB per disc.

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DIGISTOR® USB Self-Powered External Blu-ray Writer – Powered by Panasonic

Digistor® has created a svelte external Blu-ray writer weighing less than one pound by incorporating a slim slot-loading Panasonic Blu-ray drive. Perfect for mobile video professionals and HD aficionados.

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DVD Slim Writer Drives
DVD Slim Writers

Able to write to most DVD and CD disc formats, these slimline drives are available in both slot-load and tray-load models.

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