Alternative Energy/Smart Grid

Make your product Powered by Panasonic

As demand for fuel increases, alternative and renewable energy sources are becoming more important than ever. Panasonic recognizes and understands these needs, and is reacting with innovative technical solutions.


Products for the Alternative Energy/Smart Grid Industry


Panasonic offers a variety of dependable and reliable products for AMR and AMI meters and Smart Grid solutions.

Solar Power

As solar power becomes more popular, Panasonic has listened and reacted to this industry with a variety of cutting-edge technologies and innovations.

Wind Power

Panasonic recognizes that the renewable energy market will be an instrumental in the world energy mix for years to come. We have created products and solutions which will make the transition into wind energy easier for wind turbine manufacturers and replacement businesses.

OEM Batteries

offers a wide range of cells and battery packs for defense and government related products for applications such as radios, flashlights, training and tactical systems and backup power:

• VRLA provides high quality dependability and maintenance free operation for applications such as backup and wind turbines
• Lithium coin for meters

Electronic Components

Provides lytic caps for meters and switching equipment; SNAP modules for solar panels, ine conditioners to reduce home power consumption, and micro inverters for solar panels.


Microcontrollers, ASICs and other devices suitable for use in automatic meter readers (AMR) and smart meter applications