Computer Components

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Panasonic Industrial provides the ever-changing computer, network server and telecommunications industries with state of the art, technologically advanced products. Whether you need small solutions with high capacity, dependable archive capabilities for storage, or superior backup performance, Panasonic can meet your needs.


Products for the Computer Industry

Market Segments:

Optical Storage

As an innovator and founder of the DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ formats, Panasonic brings unique R&D and manufacturing expertise to its optical storage products. Panasonic is a leading OEM manufacturer of optical drives used in the world’s best known computer brands and consumer electronics products as well as in professional archival storage applications for medical imaging, government and other fields requiring secure data preservation and regulatory compliance.
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Semiconductors and Thermal Management Solutions

In addition, Panasonic offers a full range of semiconductors and thermal management solutions for the computer industry.
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VRLA provides high quality and maintenance free operation for applications such as backup.
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