Consumer Electronics

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Panasonic Industrial provides the consumer electronics market with new and improved technologies and products to enhance and improve people’s lives.


Market Segments:

Home Electronics

Panasonic Industrial offers a wide range of products to optimize performance for applications such as tapes for BluRay disks, exercise equipment, flat screen televisions, cameras and portable home electronics.

Personal Electronics

Panasonic Industrial provides superior technical products and solutions for a wide range of products such as video cameras, microphones, pitching machines and pet fencing.

Flat Panel Displays and Audio Equipment

Panasonic provides a wide range of products and technologies, from display modules to complete, finished display panels.

OEM Batteries

offers a wide range of cells and battery packs for consumer electronic products for applications such as photo lighting equipment, cameras and portable home electronics, video cameras and microphones, pitching machines and pet fencing.

Alkaline provides high current and capacity for applications such as portable products and cameras. Learn more
Lithium cylindrical cells offer high durability and stability for applications such as video cameras and microphones.
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VRLA provides high quality and maintenance free operation for applications such as pitching machines. Learn more

OEM Flat Panel Displays

Panasonic’s renowned display technology is provided to customers on an OEM basis for private labeling under their own brand. Depending upon the specific requirements and volume, the technology supplied can range from display modules to complete, finished display panels.

Displays based on both Plasma and IPSα LCD technologies are available for OEM supply.

Typical customer end-markets include:
• Premium home theater system custom installations
• Medical displays for imaging and operating rooms
• Digital signage for retail advertising, hospitality/entertainment venues
• Command & control centers, security, transportation facilities, other public areas
• Conference rooms, A/V and videoconferencing systems