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We provide the Federal government, government agencies and local and state governments technically advanced product solutions that help ease today’s multi-faceted challenges such as uninterrupted communications, training, backup and defense issues.


Products for the Government Industry


Panasonic Industrial offers a wide range of products to optimize performance in applications such as radios, life vests, GPS, and internal drives. We also provide solutions for communications that help with simulations and training in the US and abroad.


Panasonic Industrial provides superior technical products and solutions for the fast growing Wind Energy, HEV, solar, geothermal and biopower markets.

Computer Equipment

Secure Archival Storage for Data Preservation and Regulatory Compliance

• The Advanced Disc for Archiving (ADA) drive and media provide secure archival storage on cartridge-enclosed media using the industry-standard Blu-ray Disc™ optical format. The discs are currently available in 25 and 50GB capacities, with a roadmap to 100GB in the near future.
• The ADA archive-grade media is specially selected in a rigorous testing process to ensure low error rates, enabling media life of over 50 years. The precision-manufactured discs are comprised of reliable inorganic phase-change recording materials covered with a unique hard coating to ensure secure, long-term storage of critical data. The discs are then enclosed in a protective cartridge to prevent potential damage or contamination by dust or fingerprints.
• The true-WORM (write once read many) nature of the media ensures that data cannot be erased, altered or overwritten, unlike magnetic or hard-drive based storage. This supports verification of record authenticity and audit trails required for regulatory compliance.

OEM Batteries

offers a wide range of cells and battery packs for defense and government related products for applications such as radios, flashlights, training and tactical systems and backup power:

• Lithium ion provides light weight and high capacity for applications such as cell phones, radios.
• NiMH provides rapid charge and excellent life cycle for applications such as Cellular mobile telecom products and portable VCRs, TVs, portable stereos and CD players
• Alkaline provides high current and capacity for applications such as portable products, cameras, fire detectors and high powered flashlights
• VRLA provides high quality and maintenance free operation for applications such as backup and engine starters


Offers rotary compressors for the most demanding environments in the world such as Kuwait, and vibrating motors for mobile communication.

Electronic Components