Home Applicances and HVAC

Make your product Powered by Panasonic

Panasonic Industrial provides high efficiency components and devices for the Appliance and HVAC Industries. From Compressors, Capacitors, Motors, Pumps and Heaters, to Inverter ICS and Microcontrollers, Panasonic products help manufacturers design the appliances of tomorrow.


Products for the Home Appliances and HVAC Industry

Market Segments

Air Conditioning

Panasonic Industrial’s products offer the critical elements of high efficiency and high performance as well as extremely low noise levels. They also minimize mechanical losses due to vibration and friction, gas flow losses and are designed to perform at optimal conditions in applications.


Home Appliances

Panasonic Industrial provides superior technical products and solutions to support creating clean and convenient life.

Cleaning Appliances

Cooking Devices

Panasonic Industrial provides superior Technology for Superb heat transfer, temperature accuracy, efficiency and high performance on a day to day basis.