L.E.D. Lighting Solutions

Make your product Powered by Panasonic

The L.E.D. Lighting Market segments easily by design structure and Panasonic Industrial has component products to fit every segment of L.E.D. product design. A typical lighting system contains four elements: light source, power supply, thermal management and human control. Panasonic Industrial’s broad product portfolio offers value by creating low running costs resulting from lower power consumption. Panasonic offers the L.E.D. Lighting market general component products such as capacitors, resistors, inductors, batteries, fluorescent lamps and L.E.D. lamps. In addition, rely on Panasonic for specialized solutions in circuit protection, thermal management and human control.
Do it now - enjoy the low running cost resulting from the lower power consumption and longer life of fluorescent lamps and LED lamps by using Panasonic products!


Products for the LED Lighting Industry

Commercial Lighting

Panasonic Industrial offers products that power Commercial Lighting applications in the areas of consumer, recessed and track lighting.

Architectural Lighting

For landscape, theater and retail applications, rely on Panasonic Industrial components as the source for critical outdoor and indoor lighting requirements.

Industrial Lighting

Lighting in industrial applications is becoming more critical than ever. Roadway, emergency/safety and street light applications are but a few of the industrial lighting areas where Panasonic Industrial components are used.

Utility Lighting

Utility Lighting applications are broad and easily Powered by Panasonic components. Flashlight, consumer, military / security, marine or emergency utility lighting applications benefit from the low power consumption obtained by using Panasonic components.

Transportation Lighting

Automotive exterior and interior, traffic lighting and signage. Panasonic Industrial provides components that power all aspects of Transportation Lighting products.

Signage Lighting

Scoreboards, electric billboards, video displays and more. L.E.D. lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor signage are also Powered By Panasonic Industrial.

LED Fluorescent

Panasonic offers the best products to help industries cut conventional electricity costs significantly.

LED Street Lamp

Panasonic addresses climate change issues through their product offerings...

LED Illumination

Panasonic provides compact and lightweight power supplies for special situations requiring lighting such as night fishing and illumination.


• White LED package for use in low-power consumption LED Fluorescent Lighting
• High Brightness White LED bar module for use in LED Street Lamps


Panasonic offers pin-type lithium batteries which are compact and lightweight for applications such as fishing pole tip lights, night fishing floats and LED illumination.