Medical Solutions

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Panasonic Industrial provides technically advanced medical products and solutions that take medical products to the next level. Our engineers work hard to create products and solutions for the medical market in various areas such as imaging, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems and therapeutic equipment.


Products for the Medical Industry

Market Segments:

Medical Patient Monitors

Panasonic Industrial provides medical products that shape solutions such as oxymeters and cardiac monitors which are so important to patient care.

Medical Imaging

Panasonic Industrial offers a wide range of medical imaging products for solutions such as portable ultrasounds.

Medical Diagnostics

Panasonic Industrial provides the medical industry with important parts and components that go into medical devices such as insulet meters and patient manipulators.

OEM Batteries offers

• BR & CR lithium cells provide reliability and safety for applications low power consuming compact cordless devices, glucose meters, pain management, hearing aids and memory backup.
•Lithium cylindrical cells offer high durability and stability for applications such as electronic measurement equipment, AEDs and infusion pumps.
• Lithium ion offers high capacity and lightweight for ultrasounds and ventilators.
• VRLA offers maintenance-free, long service life and quick chargeability for applications such as backup power, wheelchairs and emergency lighting
• Alkaline offers excellent storage life and resistance to leakage for applications such as electronic door locks and other cordless products.

Medical Grade Flat Panel Displays and Monitors

Panasonic medical grade LCD displays based upon IPSα technology are supplied on an OEM basis to medical equipment manufacturers desiring to sell monitors under their company’s own brand name.

Archival Storage for Medical Imaging and Patient Records

The Advanced Disc for Archiving (ADA) drive and media provide secure storage on cartridge-enclosed media using the industry-standard Blu-ray Disc™ optical format. The ADA archive-grade media is specially selected in a rigorous testing process to ensure low error rates, enabling reliability and media life of over 50 years.

Utilizing software and hardware from our technology partners, the drive can be configured to serve as an economical DICOM-compliant Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for use in small and mid-size facilities, where purchase of a complete PACS system is cost prohibitive.

Radiation Measurement Systems

Panasonic TLD badges, readers and irradiators are widely used for radiation dose monitoring in many medical facilities and laboratories worldwide. The thermoluminescent dosimeters are extremely accurate, having detection levels and tissue-equivalence superior to film badges while the readers offer simple operation, fast throughput and highly reliable dose detection.


Semiconductor offerings include a wide range of microcontrollers, LEDs, MOSFETs and other products well-suited for use in portable medical devices.

Electronic Components