April 7, 2011
Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd.

Achievement of max. speed 0.14s/component* in the industry

Introducing new radial component insertion machine

Contribution to Productivity Improvement and Cost Reduction

*As of April 7,2011. For radial component insertion machine. Our investigation.


High speed radial lead component insertion machine

Model No.



Max. speed

0.14 s/component

No. of component inputs


80(Connection mode)
40+40(Exchange mode)

Month of introduction

April, 2011

Panasonic Factory Solutions Co., Ltd., a business unit of Panasonic Corporation, introduces the latest radial component insertion machine, the RL132 from April,2011.

Pin through hole technology remains necessary to insert components such as capacitors and resistors in PCBs for home appliances (white goods), AV products, lighting, and power supply units. Moreover, there are needs to replace older, existing machinery, conserve energy in factories, reduce material cost of components and PCBs, and automate the trend for manual insertion due to increased labor cost and decreased manpower. Thus the demand for the automatic component insertion machine remains vital.

In order to meet these demands, Panasonic enhanced the capability of current machine, with increased speed, higher performance and superior reliability-to provide customers with highly reliable and productive solutions for the insertion process that contribute to reducing TCO.

This new product is produced by Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., which is one of our consolidated group companies and located in Singapore.


1. High productivity/Flexibility
  • Improved operating rate through the sequencer system of the component supply unit
  • Dual-partitioned component supply method enables operation mode selection resulting in highly efficient production (80-type component specification only)
  • Expansion of component size range (realization of 4-pitch specification*1 of 2.5mm, 5.0mm, 7.5mm and 10.0mm)
  • Enable the insertion of components at any angle(0-359°) with 1°increment
2. High-speed insertion and high reliability
  • High-speed insertion of radial lead components (Insertion tact:0.14s/component, approx.18% higher than an original model RL131)
  • Ensures reliable insertion method of hole position offset and component correction*1
3. Highly efficient footprint
  • Increased productivity per square meter (40-type component specification only, reduction of approx.40% for an original model RL131)
4. User-friendly interface
  • Language option (Japanese, English and Chinese)
  • Global transformer adopted
  • Common spare parts (recommended spare parts used for previous machines can be used for RL132)

Detail explanation of features

1. High-speed insertion at 0.14s/component
  • Lead V cut method enables the insertion of radial lead components at 0.14s/component.
  • Either one of 2-pitch (2.5mm/5.0mm), 3-pitch*1 (2.5mm/5.0mm/7.5mm) or 4-pitch*1 (2.5mm/5.0mm/7.5mm/10.0mm) specification can be selected for insertion pitch.
2. Highly efficient production
  • The fixed component feeder unit method and an out-of-component detection allow component replenishment in advance, ensuring long-term, non-stop operation.
  • Dual-partitioned component supply method enables selection from a connection mode, a preparation mode, and an exchange mode (80-type component specification only).
  • Full auto-recovery function automatically corrects insertion errors to allow long-term, non-stop operation.
3. Highly efficient footprint
  • Compact component supply method is spatially efficient. (40-type component specification only and reduction of nearly 40% for an original model RL131). Space saving installation and reduction of flow line maintains highly efficient production.
4. High reliability
  • Recognizing the positions of all the holes (two or three) in the insertion area, the machine corrects the component position based on the optimum insertion position calculated, ensuring reliable insertion.
  • Method of component correction*1 improves fall and bending of components, and ensures reliable insertion.
5. Reduction of running cost
  • Expandable parts of the RL132 such as the anvil blade, pusher rubber are compatible with those of the RHS2B and RL131.
  • Operability, the data configuration and the XY table can be shared in any one of the insertion machine series. The setup and maintenance operations are standardized to lessen operator training.
  • Reduction of electricity and air consumption by 18%. (per point in case of maximum speed for an original model RL131)
6. Operability enhancement
  • Identical control panels are setup at the front side of the RL132 so that operability can be significantly improved (standard specification).
  • Up to 200 types of programs can be stored. Data can be input to and output from high-capacity SD memory cards.
  • NC data of our conventional equipment (RH series) can be used by the RL132.
  • Setup support functions display component layout of the component supply unit.
  • Maintenance support functions display regular maintenance time and operation content information.
7. Global transformer
  • Compatible with 220, 380, 400, 420 and 480 voltages. No external transformer is necessary.
8. Enlargement function*1
  • Large-size PCB support allows hole recognition and insertion up to 650mm x 381mm (max) PCB size.
  • 2 PCB transfer can decrease PCB loading time by 50%; thereby increasing productivity. This is effective especially when insertion components are few.

*1 Optional specification

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