FULL HD 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Home Theater SC-BTT480



True to Cinema Sound Quality

The state-of-the-art audio technologies provide the same all-enveloping ambient sound as a movie theater in the comfort of your living room.




3D Cinema Surround

3D Surround Effect with 5.1-channel and 25 Virtual Speakers
Cinema Surround is a state-of-the-art Panasonic technology that produces impressive theater-like surround sound. 3D Cinema Surround in the Home Theaters provides authentic surround sound through a total of 30 real and virtual speakers. Sound is perceived as coming from the correct direction thanks to Panasonic’s proprietary direction perception control technology made possible by years of research. 3D Cinema Surround delivers a surround sound environment that satisfies like never before.


Reduce Jitter and Sound Distortion for Pure Brilliant Sound
Based on the phenomenal MASH noise shaping technology used for many years in Panasonic products, LincsD-Amp markedly reduces jitter and distortion that can affect audio clarity, producing pure brilliant sound. The result is high-quality sound with a full surround effect that rivals that of a real home theater.

*LincsD-Amp stands for Low Interference Noise Compensating System Digital Amplifier.

Powerful Bass-reflex Subwoofer

Dynamic Bass Sound
Increasing the box dimensions has created a powerful, deep bass sound. Feel intense scenes like explosions as though you are actually there.

External HDD Playback

Easily Enjoy Stored Content
Home Theaters are compatible with NTFS/ FAT32 format external hard disk drives, so you can enjoy music (FLAC, MP3), photos (JPEG, MPO), and camcorder video content (AVCHD, MP4) archived on an external HDD.

* The external HDD with capacities of 2TB or less in processing NTFS/ FAT32 data is supported. Playback is not possible with some external hard disk drives. Some types of HDD may require the use of its external power supply unit.

Smartphone Remote Control

Easy Operation and Setup with Smartphone
With a Home Theater, you can install the Panasonic Theater Remote App onto your smartphone and easily operate and adjust the sound volume and even sound effects like 3D Cinema Surround by tapping and swiping your smartphone.


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3D Cinema Surround
With 5.1 Real and 25 Virtual Speakers
Reproduce Pure Brilliant Sound
Smartphone Remote Control
Easy Operation and Setup with Smartphone


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