Wet/Dry Epilator ES-WD71


Smooth, gentle epilation in the shower

Feel the difference – faster, less painful epilation.




Care for the whole body with four attachments

All-in-one convenience, epilate, shave and trim.
The large epilator head is ideal for wide areas such as arms and legs. The dual wide discs with 48 tweezers capture long and fine hairs much faster and more efficiently.
The small head is for delicate areas such as underarms and bikini lines.
The shaving head, with additional bikini comb, for cutting longer hairs before epilation or trimming your bikini area.
Additionally, the beginner cap to partly cover the epilating discs for more relaxing epilation.

Gentle epilation
with moistening foam

Use in the bath or shower for a gentle epilation with soap or gel.
Warm water and soap will soften the skin and open the pores, allowing for smooth hair removal from the root.

Double disk for faster epilation

Much faster and more efficient epilation with 48 precise tweezers.* Dual wide discs capture long and fine hairs easily and quickly.
*Compared with Panasonic previous epilator (ES2058 in dry epilation)

Washable, easy cleaning

Rinses clean under running water.


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Wet & Dry
Double disk for faster epilation
Shaver head




Replacement Inner Blade



Replacement Outer Foil


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